Lunch Special

Mon. - Fri. 11:00 am - 3:00 pm (Except Holiday)
All Served w. miso soup, wonton soup or salad
Sushi Lunch Special
1. Sushi Lunch
4 pcs sushi w. California roll
2. Sashimi Lunch
10 pcs assorted raw fish
3. Sushi Sashimi Lunch
3 pcs sushi, 7 pcs sashimi and California roll
4. Choice of Any 2 Roll $8.95
5. Choice of Any 3 Roll
California RollEel Avocado Roll
Tuna RollEel Cucumber Roll
Alaskan RollSweet Potato Roll
Salmon RollVegetable Roll
Salmon Skin RollAvocado Roll
Yellowtail RollCucumber Roll
Boston RollTuna Avocado Roll
Spicy Tuna RollSalmon Avocado Roll
Spicy Crab RollTuna Cucumber Roll
Philadelphia RollSalmon Cucumber Roll
Spicy Salmon RollCrunchy Roll
Shrimp Tempura RollSpicy Yellowtail Roll
Kitchen Lunch Box
Served w. shumai, 4 pcs California roll and white rice
1. Chicken, Beef, Salmon or Shrimp Teriyaki $9.95
2. Beef Negimaki $9.95
3. Shrimp, Chicken or Vegetable Tempura $9.95
4. Chicken Katsu $9.95
Sushi Lunch Box
1. California Roll(1), Sashimi-Tuna(2), Sushi-Salmon(1), Shrimp(1),
Seaweed Salad and Sushi Rice
2. Alaskan Roll(1), Sashimi-Salmon(2), Sushi-White Tuna(1), Crab Stick(1),
Squid Salad and Sushi Rice
3. Shrimp Tempura Roll(1), Sashimi-White Tuna(2), Sushi-Red Snapper(1), Tuna(1),
Kani Salad and Sushi Rice
4. Shrimp Tempura Roll (1), Sashimi-Red Snapper (2),
Sushi: Tuna (1), Salmon (1), Seaweed Salad and Sushi Rice.
5. Philadelphia Roll (1), Sashimi - White Tuna (2),
Sushi: Kani (1), Salmon (1), Squid Salad and Sushi Rice
Pan Asian Lunch
Served w. brown rice or white rice
Mango Sauce Vegetable or Chicken $8.95
Mango Sauce Steak or Prawn $9.95
Pineapple Curry Sauce Vegetable or Chicken $8.95
Pineapple Curry Sauce Steak or Prawn $9.95
Broccoli Brown Sauce Vegetable or Chicken $8.95
Broccoli Brown Sauce Steak or Prawn $9.95
Garlic Sauce Vegetable or Chicken $8.95
Garlic Sauce Steak or Prawn $9.95
Thai Basil Sauce Vegetable or Chicken $8.95
Thai Basil Sauce Steak or Prawn $9.95
Green Curry Tofu or Chicken $10.95
Green Curry Steak or Shrimp $11.95
Panang Curry Tofu or Chicken $10.95
Panang Curry Steak or Shrimp $11.95
Thai Curry Tofu or Chicken $10.95
Thai Curry Steak or Shrimp $11.95
General Tso's Chicken $9.95
Sesame Chicken $9.95
Vegetable or Chicken Pad Thai $8.95
Beef or Shrimp Pad Thai $9.95
Vegetable or Chicken Lo Mein $8.95
Beef or Shrimp Lo Mein $9.95
Vegetable or Chicken Singapore Noodle $8.95
Beef or Shrimp Singapore Noodle $9.95